Build a brand that means more, connects better & prevails in a changing market.

Providing hands-on strategic support to solve and implement brand, product and communication challenges within your business. Efficient and effective. None of the bullshit.




Your team is scattered across countless projects and they've lost focus. Many don’t know what difference any of it makes. You need more than just a manifesto on the wall: you need a decision-making filter that aligns and catalyses your team into sustainable, creative, purposeful action. 


Maybe you’re pitching to VCs, heading into an IPO, or trying to meet ambitious sales projections. Either way, you need the communications and tactics to drive sales, and you needed them yesterday. Plug me into your creative team and push beyond preaching to the choir: you’ve got a big leap to make between your niche early adopters and actually reaching mainstream customers.



You’ve gotten stuck running promotions, dropping your prices, trying to out-manoeuvre Amazon’s SEO and nothing you do seems to move the dial. You need a whole new approach to your category. I can help you totally redefine where the actual opportunities for impact are to invent, own, and grow your fledgling market.



You’re going into a new market and need help adapting your established brand into a new cultural context. Maybe you’ve only made products for men but now you’re focusing on women. Or maybe you’re trying to move into a foreign territory. In either case, having real insight and a strategy to connect with these markets while retaining the brand’s integrity and purpose is key.



You’re an investor in a new company and you can see the potential, but it needs help, and fast. Startups should be entirely focused on getting their product right, but together we can make a crucial difference helping them understand why it’s right, and how to capitalise on that where it matters most: getting customers.



You know they're important, but you’ve lost touch with your core customers and what they really need from you. You might have all the data in the world, but you’re getting lost trying to connect with these people in a meaningful way, and as a result, you’re starting to lose them to the competition. It's time to dial up the insight work and reconnect.



You’ve got some decent sales, but no real fan 'community' around your brand. You want to make it easier for people to talk about your products and services and connect with each other through your brand! Embedded into your product and marketing teams, I'll help make sure your products are worth talking about, and easy to share.



You’re a founder and you’re just stuck. You’re in too deep and can’t see the wood from the trees. What's working, what’s not, and why? And most importantly, once we get to the root of the issue, what's the best route forward? I've been there, and know how difficult running a start-up can be, so above all, I believe in pragmatism.



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