I often do one-off presentations to teams and groups looking for intensive, practical learning in a single day or two. Topics range from cultural insight to applied brand and social strategy based on your industry, sector, or market focus. I use case studies and other tangible examples to keep the session useful and easy to understand.

Speaking fees range from €300 - €2000 depending on the time, level of depth and preparation required and desired toolkits for the audience. Teaching/lecture fees for student groups upon request. 


I work as a senior-level strategic planner within advertising and creative agencies. Previous agency work includes Wieden + Kennedy, Poke, &Rosas Barcelona, Jane Wentworth Associates, Lewis Moberly, The Upside among others. 

Freelance agency rate €500/day 


When your team needs to better understand and focus your brand and articulate why the world actually needs it to exist, the most efficient and effective method to address this is through an intensive workshop (some might call these sessions similar to "Sprints") of 1-7 days, depending on the scope of the challenge. These workshops compress months of debate and deliberation, creating a powerful shortcut to strategy, product/marketing ideas, and team cohesion.

I am an experienced facilitator who can design and guide this process with tangible, immediate outcomes. Teams are aligned, galvanised and focused. They gain communication and insight skills all whilst addressing pressing brand, customer, communication and/or product issues. 

Workshop fees from €600

Insight & Strategy

Insight and strategy work are necessary for connecting with new markets, developing product-market fit, identifying brand/product weaknesses, finding the right cultural and communications opportunities and developing long and short-term marketing plans. 

I am an experienced qualitative and ethnographic researcher having both designed and lead on-the-ground insight projects. 

Rates from €550/day depending on the scope of the brief and level of time and resource required. 


The only way to ensure success of a brand strategy and/or marketing planning is to actually test it out through implementation. I work hand-in-hand, collaboratively with in-house marketing and product/design teams to bring your company's newly focused strategy to life. This enables us to edit the strategy and plans as necessary for long-term success. 

If no in-house teams exist, I can work with an experienced and highly-rated number of freelancers and agencies who can help deliver anything from simple graphics and digital assets to product design and advertising production. 

Rates from €550/day 


Please feel free to get in touch to discuss fees and other arrangements. 

*Why do I publish my rates?

To make it simple for people to see what my work costs. Transparency is important to me. Rates can vary based on the scope of each project, but this should provide a baseline for consideration.